To All Booster Club Members (who have Class of 2019 senior athletes):


CHS Athletic Booster Club

2019 Student Athlete Scholarships


The Clarksburg High School Athletic Booster Club is pleased to announce two $500 Athletic Scholarships to qualifying senior student athletes (one male and one female) whose families are Booster Club members.  The Boosters believe that these scholarships will reward a young man and woman who have demonstrated superior academic performance and athleticism in their senior year.  The scholarship is designed to provide all student athletes who meet the requirements outlined below with an equal chance of winning the award.  The scholarship award will be applied toward an educational institution for post high school education.


Superior Academic Performance

Each student athlete must have at least a 3.25 cumulative unweighted grade point average as of the end of their first semester during senior year.  (3.25 GPA is recognized by the athletic department as a Minds in Motion Award).


Demonstrated Athletic Performance

Each student athlete must earn a varsity letter on a team in their senior year.


Booster Club Membership

Each student athlete, or their family, must be a current member of the Athletic Booster Club.


Post High School Education

Each student athlete eligible for this award must pursue post high school education (technical school, community college, or four year university, etc.).  A check will be sent to the institution of their choice in the name of the student athlete from the Booster Club.  Post high school education enrollment must occur no later than Fall 2019.


Click this link for the Scholarship-Application-2019


Deadline for Application – May 6.

Drawing will be held on May 10.

Winners will be notified at the Senior Awards Ceremony on May 16


If you have questions, contact Nikki Haddad, Scholarship Committee Chair at


Scholarships Awarded

Class of 2019:  Connor Devine and Jamie Fritz

Class of 2018:  Roshni Patel and Dylan Deleon

Class of 2017:  Ally Janowiak and Max Steinbeck

Class of 2016:  Marissa Maicke and Peter Sorenson

Class of 2015:  Hannah Emmett and Joe Nacci

Class of 2014:   Danielle Young and Ryan Hecht

Class of 2013:  Jennifer Taff and Andrew Dallas

Class of 2012:  Mac Raum and Leah Hutto

Class of 2011:  Lindsey Hayes and Christopher Viqueira

Class of 2010:  Amanda Neff and Andrew Veith

Class of 2009:  Erin Bloodgood and Naseem Zietoon

Class of 2008:  Kelley Heffner and Michael Leaman